CareSTOR project explores for the first time the potential of combining intensified processing of biomass (hydrothermal) with high throughput activation strategies to produce nanoporous carbons with an unwitnessed blend of total pore volume and electric conductivity.

Pioneer scale-up of the production process of NPCs will provide Supercapacitor manufacturers in the consortium exclusive access to ground-breaking material enabling unprecedented specifications and cost reduction for storage devices.

At least 3 different families of Supercapacitors are addressed within the scope of the project:

  • o-CareCAPs based on organic electrolyte → low-cost storage device.
  • a-CareCAPs based on aqueous electrolyte → green storage device.
  • i-CareCAPs based on ionic liquid electrolyte → high energy density storage device.

Each product family will benefit from fine tuning of NPC properties such as Pore Size Distribution, Total Pore Volume, Particle Size and Surface chemistry.

CareSTOR project comprises 3 different stages:

1st stage

Scale-up of nanoporous carbon and internal validation by Supercapacitor manufacturers.

2nd stage

Implementation of NPC in Full-scale prototypes and validation by external certified laboratory.

3rd stage

Launching automated production line for CareCAPs and placing Commercial Agreements to get Revenues from Energy Storage Systems (CARESS) to enable Market Uptake of the new technology by the end of the project’s life.

The main goals of the project are:

  • Resource-efficient operation of pilot plant for AHC production reaching output capacity of 36 Ton per year (ENV), in route to a 10 fold larger Industrial Plant fully-operative by 2019.
  • Cost-competitive production of AHC with 50% increase in electric storage capacity per unit mass.
  • Design and manufacture of Supercapacitors cells implementing CareSTOR technology (CareCAP) and modules adapted for AHC and oriented to deliver energy under high current loads (high power applications). At least 3 new models of Supercapacitor prototyped and manufactured: including 2 sizes of o-CareCAP (350 and 3,000 F) and one size of a-CareCAP (450 F). Additionally one pilot prototype of i-CareCAP.
  • Cutting down technology cost by 40% and 30% for CareCAP in its organic and aqueous versions, respectively.
  • Automated manufacturing of CareCAP organic version adaption/installation of production lines.
  • Pre-commercial agreements with stakeholders (end-users) in the Green Vehicle, RES-E and Grid sectors.
  • Validate market uptake of CareCAPs: aggregated turnover of € 48.5 M€.

In conclusion, the project aims to bring to the market of energy storage a new breakthrough based on innovative carbon materials for Capacitive Energy Storage. The associated price reduction shall increase penetration of Energy Storage Systems boosting the growth of key sectors for a greener economy such as Electric Vehicles, RES-to-grid and Smart Grids.

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