ENVIROHEMP presents the project CARESTOR in the 1st edition of the EUROPEAN CHEMISTRY PARTNERING SUMMER SUMMIT 2018

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ENVIROHEMP went last Tuesday, September 25 to the HENKEL headquarters in Düsseldorf, to the first summer edition of this event. The event brings together different agents (SMEs, start-ups, industry, clusters, consultants, investors) from the chemistry world to favor the creation of alliances between them. This event was born under the protection of its annual consolidated edition, which will hold its third edition next February in Frankfurt. Both meetings are organized by BCNP Consultants.

A total of 250 people from 17 different countries participated in the ECP Summer Summit. There were 53 short conferences (pitches), 18 stands were installed and there were at least 606 meetings between agents. ENVIROHEMP presented the activities of the CARESTOR project,  which coordinates and promotes. Specifically, and taking advantage of the event, CARESTOR premiered the triptychs and roll-up fruit of the project’s communication activities.    – Dr. Holger Bengs, CEO of BCNP Consultants, organizers of the event, who thanked us for the participation being the only one of Spanish origin.     – Michael Carus, CEO of Nova Institute and director of the EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) who showed great interest in the work of ENVIROHEMP from hemp waste.   – Dr. Wolfram Stichert, CEO of the Company, who shared a few minutes with us after the conference with which the event opened. – Rudiger Schmitz (Global Market Development Director of HENKEL)


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